About STP Fuel Injector Cleaners, Octane Boosters, and Gas Treatments

STP fuel injector cleaners remove contaminants that can build up within your fuel system and restore performance.

Fuel injectors are small, sensitive components that require specialized cleaning and gas treatment solutions to prevent them from becoming clogged or damaged. A dirty fuel injector can lead to misfires, poor performance, and a host of other complications. If cleaned and treated properly, your fuel system can perform normally practically indefinitely. However, if you don’t take care of it properly, the same will not be true for your car's fuel system and your power and performance can suffer.

The various types of contaminants that can build up within your fuel system including oil, grease, and carbon deposits from burnt exhaust or other unburned hydrocarbons — all of these make for an environment that is not friendly for the operation of fuel injectors. A thorough cleaning must be carried out at regular intervals in order to protect them from premature wear and tear. This helps to ensure optimal engine performance when accelerating quickly or under boost conditions using a turbo or supercharger. Finding the right gas treatment products and solutions helps to keep your engine operating at peak performance.

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    About the STP Company

    STP is a leading provider of gasoline and diesel fuel injector cleaners and gas treatment products designed to protect your vehicle's engine from failures caused by carbon deposits, gum build-up, or other contaminants. These are the same products used by professional racers, racing teams, and automotive enthusiasts. This includes STP® Fuel Injector Cleaner with 3-step cleaning system, STP® Gas Treatment products, and STP® Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner for everyday use. The STP company is based out of St. Joseph, MO and has been providing superior fuel system care since 1954.

    They have a tradition of quality that you can trust because they only make products that work as intended for maintaining car engines. Their commitment to quality is what makes them the number one choice for auto enthusiasts worldwide. If you want to bring out the most performance out of your vehicle while protecting critical components from damage that could result from misfires or deterioration of the fuel system, look no further than STP.

    About Fuel Cleaners

    What Is a Fuel Injector and How Do They Function?

    Fuel injectors are like small mechanical pumps that are installed in the fuel line of an internal combustion engine near the piston head. They move the fuel from the supply tank to the combustion chamber which activates when you push down on the accelerator. A fuel injector is controlled by a valve that opens and closes to allow or prevent fuel into the combustion chamber.

    This part of the system can be affected by contaminants like dirt, oil, or carbon particles that make their way past your gas filter and into your fuel line. Contaminants will clog up the intake valves, which will eventually lead to issues such as misfires, poor performance, and early wear and tear of other components in your system. These other components can include spark plugs and air filters as well as the secondary parts of the fuel injectors themselves.

    Where to Buy Fuel Injector Cleaners

    • High quality carrier of active ingredients
    • Safe for all gasoline engines
    • Unclogs dirty fuel injectors
    • Made with jet fuel
    • Made in USA

    Last update on February 19, 2024 // Source: Amazon API

    What is a STP Fuel Injector Cleaner?

    STP fuel injector cleaners are specially formulated liquid products that can be applied directly to the gas you put in your tank. You can simply add a bottle of the solution whenever you experience a decrease in performance or on a routine basis several times a year to clean fuel injectors. When applied, the liquid cleans and protects injectors from damaging contaminants such as carbon, oil, and other gaseous emissions resulting from engine combustion. The injector cleaner dissolves and removes harmful carbon which builds up in your fuel system during the ignition process. The product is non-corrosive and formulated for use with any car engine with no alcohol additives.

    For example, STP® Fuel Injector Cleaner is a specially formulated solution for cleaning and optimizing fuel injectors that have been exposed to an assortment of contaminants. It is designed to remove all types of contaminants from the fuel system, including: detergents, solvents, carburetor cleaner, decarbonizing agent, and lubricating oil. This is what makes the STP® Fuel Injector Cleaner stand out from the pack when it comes to saving gas, restoring performance, and removing deposits. Per the CPID and product safety data, the active ingredients include:

    • Kerosine (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized
    • Naphthalene
    • Solvent naphtha (petroleum), light aromatic
    • Polyolefin phenolic amine
    • 1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene
    • Mesitylene (1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene)
    • Ethylbenzene

    These key ingredients within the treatment work together to deliver safe, effective, and efficient cleaning/treatment solutions for your fuel system.

    Are STP Fuel Injector Cleaners effective?

    STP fuel injector cleaners are designed to efficiently clean and treat a wide range of petroleum fuels and refined gasoline products. To recap the benefits, the products are often used for the removal of carbon deposits, deposits from dirt, grime, rust, and varnish on pretty much all types of fuel injectors. However, are STP products effective? If you're worried about your car running poorly or misfires with a dirty fuel system, what is the performance benefit? Several ways STP products can effectively help your car are:

    • These cleaners mix easily with ethanol and ethanol-free fuels (depend on product type)
    • They don't leave any residue or alcohol taste in your gas tank
    • They are compatible with most passenger vehicle fuel systems including gasoline, diesel, nitro methane and ethanol blends

    How Often Should I Use STP Fuel Injector Cleaners?

    The frequency of when you use the STP fuel injector cleaner will depend on how often your vehicle is serviced. The frequency of your service schedule can range from every 2,000 miles to every 5,000 miles. Some vehicles are known for needing more frequent service than others, so it’s important to know what your vehicle requires and to follow that specification.

    The average time between servicing would be around 3,000 miles. This means you should not wait more than 3,000 miles before using the STP fuel injector cleaner again. To ensure optimal performance while driving at all times, use the cleaner periodically and the gas treatment as often as needed such as every time you fill up the gas tank.

    About Gas Treatments

    What is an STP Gas Treatment?

    The STP® Gas Treatment is a specially-formulated solution that cleans and boosts the quality of gas. It helps to clean your car's gas lines and can improve internal fuel injector surfaces. It also seeks out and removes impurities in the fuel like water, carbon deposits, sludge, and varnish. In addition to performing a thorough clean of the fuel system, STPs provide optimal performance under boost conditions. The product is mixed from its two components. First, the cleaner concentrate contains methanol and other cleaners to dissolve carbon deposits and sludge. Second, the lubricant concentrate provides a low viscosity providing optimum protection for the fuel system against thermal fatigue.

    Why Does a Car’s Fuel System Need Cleaning?

    A car's fuel system is a sensitive system. It needs cleaning because deposits can build up over time and cause problems. These deposits can come from many sources, such as engine oil, fuel additives, and even the environment. If not cleaned out, these deposits can lead to engine knock, poor fuel economy, and loss of power. In some extreme cases, a dirty fuel system can even cause engine damage. Cleaning by using gas treatment solutions can help prevent these problems from occurring.

    Where to Buy Gas Treatments

    • STP Super Concentrated High Mileage Engine Flush cleans and prepares your vehicle's engine for new oil
    • STP High Mileage Oil Treatment + Stop Leak's high-viscosity formula, complete with anti wear agent ZDDP, is specially formulated to help fight metal-to-metal friction by providing a thicker cushion between moving engine parts
    • STP High Mileage Transmission Stop Slip + Leak Repair is scientifically engineered with Anti-Wear additives and with antioxidants to help stabilize transmission fluid; formulated to help recondition and protect transmission seals, eliminate slip and reduce rough shifting
    • STP Ultra 5-in-1 Fuel System Cleaner contains high-performance detergents and friction modifiers that come together to form a one-source solution to help to save gas by deep cleaning the entire fuel system, restore peak performance, reduce friction, prevent ethanol deposits and inhibit corrosion

    Last update on February 19, 2024 // Source: Amazon API

    How Do Fuel Injector Cleaners and Gas Treatments Work?

    STP fuel injector cleaners and gas treatments work by flowing through your gas lines after being mixed with fuel. Consequently, they clean any surface the fuel comes into contact with including the gas tank, fuel lines, and parts of the fuel injector like the fuel filter, plunger, valve spring, and spray tip.


    Car and fuel system maintenance is essential for every vehicle owner. Taking car of your vehicle will make it last longer.


    Your car's performance is dependent upon your fuel, fuel system, and operating conditions. Keep all three optimized.


    Problems with your car may stem from a lot of areas and systems. Diagnosing the potential causes properly.

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    Are STP Fuel Injector Cleaners and Gas Treatments Safe?

    STP products are safe and usable in practically all vehicles. They does not use any harmful or toxic materials in their fuel system treatments. All of their treatment products are safe to use, and have been tested and reviewed by certified laboratories in the United States, Europe and Australia. They have also received a "Gold Seal of Approval" from independent lab testing organizations like SGS and the Veritas and American Chemical Society (ACS). Additionally, STP has created a comprehensive Gas Treatment Guide that provides information on all the steps necessary to proper fuel system cleaning and gas treatment.

    Do STP Fuel Injector Cleaners and Gas Treatments Really Work?

    STP fuel injector cleaners and gas treatments work very well when compared to other alternative products. When you are dealing with fuel-injector related complications, it’s important to have a product that can actually get the job done without fail, as many other products fall short in this area. If your car is experiencing issues with misfires, poor performance, or clogged fuel injectors, it might be time for you to invest a few dollars into a cleaner and treatment solution from STP.

    About STP Fuel Injector Cleaners and Car Speedometer

    Injector Cleaner FAQs

    Have questions about using fuel injector cleaners in your car? Get answers, and find treatment information.

    STP fuel injector cleaners are one of the most important parts of your engine maintenance routine. If properly used, a fuel injector cleaner will extend the life of your fuel injectors and reduce oil and gas particulate emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, a fuel injector cleaner will help maintain proper spray patterns in your injectors, resulting in improved combustion.