RefiJet Can Help You Find Low Rates to Refinance Your Vehicle - Learn How To Save

RefiJet's growing marketplace offers auto refinancing and vehicle-related products.

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About RefiJet

RefiJet is a lending marketplace which offers auto refinance products. They are operating under the trade name of RefiJet through the Colorado-based legal entity of Yield Solutions Group, LLC. The RefiJet Team brings decades of lending experience to the refinancing negotiation table for the benefit of car owners around the country.

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Lender Type


$150+ Avg Savings

A+ BBB Rating

4.4 Google Rating

Online Marketplace

Serves All 50 States

$395 Origination Fee

APR Rate


RefiJet's interest rates start at 2.49%***. You may see different rates based on your vehicle information, credit history, and location.

Credit Score


RefiJet provides auto refinancing for people with credit scores of 500 and up in the fair FICO credit ranges.

When Applying

Ask how to get no payments for the first two months. Pre-approval and cash out offered.

Qualifying with RefiJet

Get Your Car Refinance In Order

Plan ahead to get your new refinanced car loan through RefiJet.

  • Check Credit Score

    RefiJet can help you refinance your car loan if you have around a 500 or higher credit score. Make sure your score meets their minimum requirements.

  • Submit Your Loan Docs

    Have your current car loan information handy to expedite the lending process. RefiJet also needs your vehicle and personal info like income.

  • Make the Most of Savings

    Compare your car loan offers to see savings. One of the best ways to update your monthly budget is to compare old versus new car loans.

Google Reviews

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Over 761 Reviews
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"I HAVE to give a shout out to Ms. Taylor G. Who helped me through pretty much everything in my refinance process. Patient, amazing at her job, and very respectful. She even makes the process fun. I was a little all over the place, but she helped keep me together through the entire process. She definitely deserves a big time raise because the way she’s responsive, i’m SURE she approaches all of her guests the same way. She, without a doubt, loves her job, and I repeat, is AMAZING at it. RefiJet did an awesome job adding her to their team! I can not thank her enough. :)"

Jorge “Gyzmo” Martinez

RefiJet's History

This growing lender marketplace helps car owners lower their car payments and find solutions to a better auto loan. RefiJet was established in 2016 and is based in the Denver suburb of Greenwood Village, Colorado. Their team serves most states and is made up of “real people” who help you every step of the way on your journey to finding the best auto refinance loan.

RefiJet offers additional vehicle-related products in addition to car refinancing services. They include extended service contracts, guaranteed asset protection (GAP), lease buyouts, and simply changing up loan contracts. Cash-out refinancing is also an option when you need a financial boost and could use an extra check to help pay the bills.

The Yield Solutions Group was recognized as one of the best places to work in Denver for 2021. The group also runs a separate web platform to help spread company values, get partners connected, and help lenders reduce the cost of customer acquisition by combining their experience and technology.

Featured Rates

Featured auto refinance rates are as low as 2.49%***. Inquire with RefiJet for exact rate requirements.

Average Savings

Advertised $150 average savings is higher than other marketplaces. Check to see if you can save similarly.

Financial Options

RefiJet supports multiple refinancing options including cash-out refinancing and add-on vehicle-related products.

The RefiJet Car Refinance Application Flow

You can start the RefiJet refinance application process by submitting the Get Started form or calling their support line. To complete the form, enter your personal information like first and last name, date of birth (DOB), phone number, email address, street address, city, state, and zip code. They will need your social security number (SSN) later in the process.

A financial service representative will reach out to you once you complete this first application step. Later on in the refinance process, you will need to submit your driver’s license, current registration, proof of insurance, vehicle details, and car loan information. This will include details like your vehicle's make, model, year, options, and mileage.

The RefiJet will perform a soft credit pull to check your vehicle refinancing loan eligibility when they process your application. This checks your credit information but does not affect your credit score. The hard pull occurs when you apply to a specific lender and they are finalizing the loan process.

On the surface, it appears the RefiJet website and refinance application flow is not integrated with many resources like the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or credit bureaus. This is a little bit of a let down since they claim to use advanced auto refinance technology to find the best lender solutions, but the major steps in the process occur offline. They will contact you with the results later.

RefiJet BBB Reviews

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Over 20 Reviews
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"Did NOT experience any issues with them. Communication was fast and majority of it was via email and text. They found a bank that refinanced my truck after 1.5 years from a bankruptcy. I went from 13% to 5.5% after my own bank declined to refinance it. They were not pushy on maintenance plans and GAP insurance. Tons of negative reviews out there that had me on my toes but I honestly felt comfortable. I would recommend this company to a friend. Don't waste your money on those ridiculously high interest rates. I'd rather have a maintenance plan and GAP insurance than a ridiculously high interest rate. If you have to pay anything make sure it works for you, not against you."

George M
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"Representative contacted me excessively only to make false promises about refinancing rates and offers. After I ACCEPTED an offer, loan term, all the little details they came back with my credit file is too thin. Never once mentioned that being an issue. They did multiple hard credit checks and then went back on their offer. Completely unprofessional. Quit responding and locked my out of my online portal. I couldve went with one of the other twenty companies that wouldve actually delivered. I do not recommend this company."

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"Poor communication and follow-up. I need to get copies of my refinance loan from the company. I have contacted the company on 3 separate occasions: once by phone and twice through their "Contact Us" page's form. Each contact was two weeks apart from each other. I have not received any phone calls of email messages from anyone. Not the way to conduct business."

Kim B
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"I was working with ********************* on my refinance. Everything was fine until after I sent in the paperwork. I sent in my signed loan documents at the beginning of the month. I have yet to receive any follow up or guidance after both calling, texting, and emailing ****. No one in the company seems to help or care. Im just at a loss and have no clue what is going on. Stay away from this company! There are much better companies to work with out there."

Vanessa L

Car Loan Interest Rates with RefiJet

RefiJet states customers can find car loan interest rates starting at 2.49%*** along with no payments for the first two months. The related terms state that it is conditional and does not include cases where the monthly car payment amount decreased. If you do choose to lower your monthly car payment, RefiJet customers could save an average of $150 a month.

Going back to the headline auto refinancing rate, there are no credit-related details or loan term disclaimers to qualify this 2.49%***. It could be an interest rate or APR. We are unsure exactly who can qualify or what type of vehicle or loan term is needed.

Low Credit Refinance

Why Choose RefiJet?

RefiJet may be an awesome auto refinance marketplace to check out if you find yourself in a lower credit bracket. They work with lenders who can accept, service, and work with credit scores in the lower poor to fair ranges with scores down to 500.

2 Months of Payment Savings

Check to see if you can take advantage of the no car payments for the first two months deal.

Refinancing for Multiple Vehicle Types

RefiJet provides refinancing for multiple types of vehicle loans including cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles.

4.4 Google Customer Rating

Their Google ratings are some of the best with 4.4 star ratings, and BBB rates RefiJet with an A+.

RefiJet Fees and Things to Know

RefiJet does change an origination fee of $395. This fee is paid to them when the refinance loan application is processed. In the lending world, origination fees are common since the business is providing a service. Similarly to using Caribou, knowing the amount of the fee upfront can help you plan and budget your total refinance costs.

Free is never free. While other refinance marketplaces and lenders may offer “free” application submissions or application processing, they are just getting paid in another form and making money another way. We like RefiJet for letting us know about their fee upfront and appreciate the transparency.


Rates start at 2.49%***

Helps car owners save an average of $150 per month

No car payments for the first 2 months

Social security number may be required to see rates and offers

Refinance offerings for motorcycles and automobiles like cars and trucks

Cash-out refinancing offered

A+ BBB rating & accreditation

RefiJet has a 4.4 star rating Google Review

***2.49% rates are based on unknown factors regarding vehicle type, year, and credit score. Actual rates may vary. Check with RefiJet for more information regarding their rates.