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The AUTOPAY lending marketplace is similar to RateGenius. They operate with the idea of making your car loan fast and easy. After their recent acquisition by the same folks who run RateGenius, they are held under the same parent company of The Savings Group Inc. However, they are still operating as a separate entity at this time. AUTOPAY offers new car refinancing as well as auto loan refinancing.

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$96 Avg Savings

4.7 Google Rating

Online Marketplace

Serves All 50 States

$395 Origination Fee

APR Rate


AUTOPAY's interest rates start at 1.99%***. Rates vary taking into account things like vehicle, credit history, and loan term. Check out with AUTOPAY for details.

Credit Score


AUTOPAY's car refinance services are gauged toward applicants with credit scores of 560 and higher. Find a lender for your bracket.

When Applying

Lease payoff and cash out refinance opportunities. Loan assistant guided process.

Getting Started with AUTOPAY

Solutions for Auto Refinancing

These steps will get you started with your AUTOPAY application.

  • Plan to Qualify

    Before you start your AUTOPAY application, do your best to understand if your credit score will qualify you for a new auto loan.

  • Set Up Your Docs

    A few types of documents are needed to refinance your car loan. They include info about your vehicle, yourself, and your loan. Collect these ahead of time.

  • Run the Numbers

    Use an auto refinance calculator to see estimated car payment savings ahead of refinancing. Doing this can let you know how much you may save.

TrustPilot Reviews

See what AUTOPAY's customers have to say on Trustpilot.

AUTOPAY's Rating
11 Trustpilot Reviews
January 29, 2022

Amazing dealt with matt and shaz. Total process took 10 days for a new vehicle. Quick communication, great rates better than car yard. Highly reccomend

scott styer
January 10, 2022

The start of the process thru to payoff received took about 2 weeks (refinancing an auto loan) and reduced my payments and APR significantly. Very happy with the outcome.

Cameron S
December 14, 2021

Worst experience I ever had trying to refinance a car. Any other time I’ve refinanced in the past they literally take care of everything for you within a couple of days and your good. This place is a joke. For the past 4 weeks! 4WEEKS! I’ve been working with one of their employees Philip Leal to refinance my car. The first week he was sick so we had a huge delay in my app. Then when he comes back he saying how he needs all this paperwork done. He has me printing tgings out. Going to FedEx to ship stuff and even go to a notary for god knows what never had to do any of this before. Fast forward to now. The FedEx package with all my paperwork finally got to them but now they need verification of employment. I told them that I would have it for them the next day. Next day comes and they said that we have to start all over again rerun my credit because the approval expired. Then he says he that if don’t get approval from the same lender for the same amount then we I have to do all the paperwork again which I’m sure is his job to begin with. All in all don’t waste your time with this bs of a company. Thank you for making me a month behind on my car payments !!!!!!!!!!

Jarle kristiansen
December 13, 2021

Svindler ved å trekke 10 kr i gebyr pr parkering

Boom Shaka
December 7, 2021

Felt like bait-n-switch from the start. Original agent was replaced by somebody else. Didn't ask for the normal documentation that loan brokers ask until midway through the process and asked that I send them sensitive documentation via unsecured text or email. They may well be legit, but I would go with a local credit union. EDIT: After I canceled the application, they sent me a letter saying I wasn't approved, after having told me I was already approved at 6%.

December 3, 2021

Lorenz Luistro was the guy I dealt with had me jump through multiple hoops only to deny me. They asked on the form “monthly income” which I provided. Then they asked for last two tax returns, & claimed I lied because the monthly didn’t match tax returns! I made a lot more money this year, & have the MONTHLY income to prove it. Bottom line these guys will make you think one thing and then blast you the other. Not too mention he was very lazy and hard to reach. Horrible experience. Well deserved review.

Kevin Jackson
November 3, 2021

Let me tell you this guy xin is lazy. Don't let him be your account manager. Does nothing make huge promises and then ghosts you. Does not follow thru. Wasted over 3 weeks send papers back in forth which I had to pay for and still because of xin lack of wt f ever I just gave up and will keep making my regular payments. Autopay failed because of a lazy imcompent employee named xin.

Vincenzo Lentini
October 29, 2021

Started the process on 10/15 got my refinance done on 10/29. My rate was reduced 9% and my payment dropped by 117 dollars. Yes you have to provide documents but overall a pretty easy process. This is not to say that everyone will experience the same savings but due to financial challenges my old rate was 20 so this was a great saving for me

Joke Sweden
August 11, 2021

Hade problem med min parkering. Farzad på kundtjänst hos Parkman löste detta. Stort TACK till dig Farzad. Snabb svarstid, kompetent handläggande och ytterst trevligt bemötande.

AUTOPAY was originally founded in 2007 with the goal of helping more drivers. Their headquarters is near Denver, Colorado and they have helped thousands of car owners refinance their loans. Like RateGenius, they serve customers in all 50 states throughout the United States. The borrower qualifications vary by lender since they operate on a marketplace model.

They provide different types of auto lending from new car loans to refinancing your current loan. For new car loans, AUTOPAY can help you set your budget, shop for cars with financing secured, submit your loan application (when you’ve found a car), and e-sign your documents to finalize the lending process.

For refinancing, AUTOPAY offers several solutions including traditional refinancing, cash back refinancing, and lease payoff refinancing. Traditional refinancing can help you make changes to your current loan like reducing monthly payments or decreasing your interest rate. Cash back refinancing can get you the money you need now by using the value of your vehicle. Lease payoff refinancing can help you hold on to your car when the lease ends.

The AUTOPAY and RateGenius merger should help to strengthen both of these marketplaces. Once viewed as potential competitors, the merger helps share resources and refinance knowledge between the lending teams. The joining under The Savings Group Inc. now combines an estimated 550 team members with transactions over $2 billion according to the AFJ.

AUTOPAY’s headline rates are similar to other lending marketplaces. They highlight an average monthly savings of $96 per month with rates as low as 1.99%. Their website states an average interest rate decrease of 6.99%. The savings rate appears to be exactly the same as RateGenius, so there may be some shared data aggregation between the merged companies (or the same operations model with shared lending partners).

Their marketplace is an applicant-to-lender matching system. They work with customers each step of the way to walk you through the refinance process. It appears AUTOPAY is sharing the same lender network (either partially or fully) as RateGenius, so you may receive a similar experience working with either company. AUTOPAY also has GAP and VSC contract options as well.

Rate Qualification

You may qualify for an auto refinance rate as low as 1.99%***. Check with AUTOPAY to see the rate for your loan application.

Cash-Out Option

Need extra cash and a lower interest rate? AUTOPAY offers a cash-out option which helps you do just that in one package.

Fast & Easy Goals

Quickly take care of your refinancing with a car loan assistant to help you. Your assistant will help you finalize the details.

Apply Now

Apply with AUTOPAY to Refinance Your Vehicle with a New Loan Now

AUTOPAY Application Flow

The AUTOPAY application portal is pretty tech-forward. It handles both new car purchases and car loan refinancing on their website. You begin the process by entering your first and last name and choosing if you want to apply with only you or with a co-borrower. The next step depends on what you selected previously.

If you choose the purchase option, the form will ask if you are buying from a dealer, private party, or lease buyout. If you choose to refinance, you will skip this step. Next, enter your contact info (email and mobile phone number) and date of birth. In the next steps you will need to have your address, residence, and vehicle info ready along with any co-borrower information (if selected).

Documentation is required including your

  • Driver’s license
  • Insurance
  • Proof of income (e.g. W2s, paystubs, or tax returns)
  • Proof of residence (e.g. utility bills, lease agreements, etc)
  • Payoff letter (if refinancing)

Other fields will populate later in the form depending on your initial selections. This may apply to your purchase selections (like buying from a dealer versus private party versus lease buyout) and refinance details. Soon after these steps, they conduct a credit report pull (soft credit pull), and you will arrive at the offer selection screen. This is where you can see potential rates and lending options.

Select the lending option which you feel is best for your situation. If you have questions, you can usually talk to a business development representative, loan assistant, or officer. When you move to lock in your offer they will do a hard credit pull at that point in time which will affect your credit score. This is one of the steps in the lending process and lenders typically require it before issuing a new line of credit.

AUTOPAY offers additional assistance when it comes to the closing process and finalizing your loan. Here, closing coordinators finalize the details and title agents help with the titling paperwork. Documents are completed through e-signing helping to make things quick and easy on the backend. They also provide additional resources like their auto loan calculator to help you see savings.

AUTOPAY Google Reviews

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"AUTOPAY is really helpful and I’ve had an amazing experience with them. They answer any questions you have and are very fast with results. I had the pleasure of working with Garrett and he continued to keep me updated with information and answered all my questions. He was very patient and knowledgeable. The process was very quick also. 10/10 would definitely recommend."

Militta H
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"I called to inquire about refinancing my car to get a lower monthly payment. I gave my information to one of their representatives and the next day Ryan a loan specialist contacted me to let me know he was working on my refinance. He was able to get the refinance done in just a few days with a much lower payment. He was great to work with and very responsive to my questions. I would definitely reach out to him again if I needed to finance another car. Thank you Ryan for all of your help."

Marsha A
reviews placeholder image

"Filled out an online form, was contacted same day by Jordan. What a great guy too, very friendly and personable. He told me he was new to the company, but he did his job well! Got my rate cut in half on my refinance, and the whole process was very smooth, thanks for the help!"

Clint Z
reviews placeholder image

"It was an easy and painless process. Our loan officer was very helpful and kept in contact with us through the whole process. I have already told no less than ten people about then. Rob was great to work with. I would not hesitate to call them again.."

Paul C

Car Loan Interest Rates with AUTOPAY

AUTOPAY states their headline interest rate is as low as 1.99%*** on their website’s homepage. This number is interesting since there are no qualifiers or terms around how their rate is calculated. Based on what other lenders like Caribou state, it probably requires vehicle owners to have a higher credit score in the mid to upper 700s on a newer vehicle and a shorter loan term. This would make it consistent with other lenders and lower than RateGenius’s stated rate of 2.99%.

Lower Your Car Payment

Why Choose AUTOPAY?

What does AUTOPAY do best? They can help to lower your car payment each month which is more money you can save or spend on other things you need. On average, customers save $96 with rates as low as 1.99%***. Is your rate higher than that? Check with an AUTOPAY loan assistant to see if you can save!

Lease Payoff Financing

Do you currently have a leased vehicle? AUTOPAY can help you through a lease payoff option. This lets you keep your vehicle and finance it!

Auto Refinance Expertise

AUTOPAY has been in the business of refinancing cars since 2007. Their experience helps you save over the life of your loan.

Coast-to-Coast Lending

Need a lender in your area? AUTOPAY provides refinancing options from coast-to-coast in all 50 states.

AUTOPAY Fees and Things to Know

AUTOPAY most likely does have an origination fee. This would apply when they submit your application to a lender. While this is not stated on the AUTOPAY website, it is probably similar to RateGenius’s fee of around $400. To apply, you can submit your application for free and check rates. If you choose to use AUTOPAY for refinancing, ask your loan assistant for detailed fee notes and associated costs.


No details on origination fee - ask loan assistant

Auto refinance rates as low as 1.99%***

Average monthly savings of $96/mo

Help every step of the way for refinancing and new car funding

Provides useful refinance calculator

Cash-out refinance and Lease payoff opportunities

Goal of fast and easy refinancing

AUTOPAY has a 4.7 star rating Google Review

***1.99% rate based on unknown factors regarding vehicle, credit score, and refinancing term. Actual rates vary. Check with AUTOPAY for more information and specific details.