Gas Mileage Calculator

Find out trip distances and how much gas costs to get there.

About Calculating Fuel Costs and Mileage

Understanding how much fuel your vehicle uses is important. Calculating your fuel costs and your car or truck's MPG makes all the difference when it comes to filling up your tank. You may be spending more than you think! Are you taking a trip soon and trying to make a gas budget? Do you wonder how much gas you are using on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? Find out with our gas mileage calculator. This tool helps you see estimated fuel efficiency and consumption.

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Keeping It Real

Calculation Tips

This gas mileage and fuel cost calculator is a flexible tool. That means you can input a lot of numbers and values. It also means the mileage numbers and fuel costs can be unrealistic if used improperly. Keep saving estimates realistic by verifying your vehicle's MPG, and researching local gas prices.

How to Use the Gas Mileage Calculator

Planning a road trip? Use these steps to calculate your fuel costs and MPG.

  • Enter Destinations

    Enter your starting and ending addresses to find the distance.

  • Enter Mileage

    Enter the mileage between addresses for the trip distance.

  • Enter MPG Values

    Enter MPG values specific to your vehicle. Lookup if unknown.

  • Enter Cost Per Gallon

    Enter cost per gallon of gas in dollars where you would fill up.

  • Check Gas & Fuel Cost

    See the gallons of gas to reach your destination and fuel cost.

Are you planning a road trip, driving across the country, or wondering how much gas it will take to get from point A to B? Knowing how much gas you will use and how much it will cost is great planning. Making gas-related calculations like these make all the difference with the rising cost of gas and petrol.

You can use the gas mileage calculator to calculate distances, fuel usage, associated fuel costs, and compare miles per gallon (MPG) calculations. Budget for fuel costs ahead of time, have an awesome trip, and enjoy the drive.

Enter your starting and ending trip addresses to start using the calculator. You need to know your trip mileage. If you are taking a multi-leg trip or road trip with multiple stops, you may have to calculate each leg of the trip separately.

Our calculator is integrated with Google Maps and will calculate the distance in miles between the addresses. These must be US-based addresses. Our calculator currently does not support routes with multiple destinations or variable route options like avoiding highways or tolls. If you need to add these options, please use Google Maps to calculate your mileage and enter that value into the fuel cost section.

The fuel cost calculator helps you understand how many gallons of gas your vehicle will use as you travel your input trip distance. You will also need to enter your vehicle's MPG rating as well as fuel costs in dollars per gallon in addition to trip mileage. If you need to find your vehicle's MPG, look it up in our vehicle database.

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Related Gas Mileage Calculator Terms

Need to understand the fuel efficiency terms better? Check out the gas term glossary!

Miles Per Gallon (MPG)

Miles per gallon (MPG) is a fuel efficiency rating of a car, truck or SUV. It is used to describe the number of miles a vehicle can drive on one gallon of gasoline, petrol, or other fuel.

  • Additional Info: MPG ratings are set by the vehicle manufacturer. MPG numbers vary by vehicle and are affected by many things including vehicle weight, wheel size, engine type, fuel type, performance upgrades, vehicle modifications, and wind resistance. Standard vehicle MPG powered by internal-combustion engines can range from as low as 15-16 MPG to as high as 40+ MPG. The more fuel efficient the vehicle is the higher the vehicle's MPG rating.

Fuel Cost

The fuel cost is the amount it would take to buy gas for the calculated distance based on the driven vehicle's MPG and fuel economy.

  • Additional Info: The fuel cost is the road trip mileage from point A to B divided by the MPG rating time the cost per gallon of gas. This is the amount it would take to fuel the vehicle to drive that many miles between the starting point and destination point. Keep mind that if the car is fueled up along the way, the price of gas may be different there. If possible, check the gas prices along the route ahead of time for an accurate fuel cost calculation.

Price Per Gallon of Gas

The price per gallon of gas is exactly what it sounds like. It is how many dollars it would take to buy the volume of one gallon of gas.

  • Additional Info: When entering the cost per gallon of gas, check the octane number

Original Monthly Car Payment

The original monthly car payment is the amount of money you pay to your current lender every month as defined by the loan term.

  • Additional Info: This amount is usually defined by the original loan amount plus interest and fees divided by the original loan term. If you miss a car payment deadline, it may be considered a late car payment. If you stop making car payments, you may be at risk of defaulting on your car loan.

When to Calculate Your Gas Mileage & Fuel Costs

Plan your road trip. Calculate costs before you leave.

You can use our gas mileage calculator on the road or while planning from home. Know exactly how much fuel your car will consume before you leave home. Plan for gas stops to get there and back.

Road Trip Gas Planning

Map Out Your Trip with Gas Stations Along the Way

Are you planning a road trip? Plan ahead for gas stops. Road tripping can be adventures to remember - out of the road while watching the miles fly by to your favorite driving playlist. If you are driving through isolated parts of the country, make sure you don't run out of gas. Gas stations can be hundreds of miles apart in some areas of the country like in the western United States in Utah on Interstate 70 or remote parts of Nevada. Know where you are going and how much gas it will take to get there. When in doubt, pull over to fill up and top off your gas tank.

Storing Extra Gas and Fuel

Going on an Expedition? Bring Spare Fuel with You

Have you ever seen an overland jeep or truck? It's pretty serious, right?! The term overlander literally means "one that travels overland." In the outdoors world, the term has come to represent a movement of vehicle-based adventure travel going anywhere, anyplace, anytime. These overlanders have fuel storage down to an art since they drive for long stretches between gas stations and fill up points. They use a series of 5 gallon jerry gas cans and flat FuelPaX by RotoPaX gas cans to bring fuel along with them. The jerry cans are the more traditional, military style cans developed in WWII and FuelPaX are the red ones you see mounted to spare tires, roof racks, and roll cages. If you are heading out for a long adventure, bring a gas can or two with you. Pro tip: store the cans outside the vehicle.

Long-Term Fuel Storage

Storing Stabilized Fuel for the Longer Term

Fuel can also be stored for the long-term and stabilized so that it will still be ready to use when you need it. By itself, gasoline can remain usable for three to six months. You can increase its lifespan to around two years or longer by using a fuel stabilizing additive. Fuel normally breaks down due to oxygen and moisture in the air. The presence of these elements cause the petroleum products to evaporate. The fuel stabilizer is a preventative meaning it mixes and bonds with the petrol to slow the rate of the evaporation - lengthening the lifespan of the stored fuel. If you plan to store gas, it is best to mark the storage date on the container and rotate it out every twelve to fourteen months.

Gas Mileage Calculator FAQs

Have questions about using the gas mileage calculator? Find answers to commonly asked fuel questions!

You can find your vehicle's miles per gallon (MPG) usage or fuel economy by looking up your make and model. Check the vehicle manufacturer's information. All vehicles are tied to an estimated MPG number. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) helps certify the fuel efficiency of vehicles.

Can you manually calculate your vehicle's MPG when across the course of several gas tank fill ups. First, visit a gas station and make sure your gas tank is completely full. Then track the number of miles you drive on your car's trip odometer. When you fill up your gas tank again, divide the number of miles driven by the number of gallons of gas it takes to completely refill your tank. This method can be a great option if you have aftermarket accessories or modifications to your vehicle which make EPA MPG numbers inaccurate.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, is a government agency in the United States. They help to monitor how much fuel vehicles consume while driving or idling and provide a certified rating called "EPA MPG".

EPA MPG means U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Miles Per Gallon and is the standard which measures vehicle fuel usage.

There are a few ways you can save money on buying gas. First, you can search for the lowest gas prices near you by using apps like GasBuddy. These apps help you quickly find the cheapest gas prices in your area. You can also use fuel cards and membership cards to save money on gas at specific, participating gas stations. Two examples of these cards are  the 7-Eleven Fuel Card or the King Soopers Fuel Points Program.

Gas and fuel are best stored in appropriate metal or plastic jerry cans or similar containers with sealing caps. You can add a fuel stabilizer to increase the lifespan of the stored gas.

Stored gas lasts for around three to six months before the petroleum products start evaporating. The evaporation can occur at varying rates due to the amounts of oxygen and moisture in the surrounding environment.

Stabilized gas can last almost ten times longer than stabilized gas with a lifespan of two to three years. The stable mixes and bonds with the fuel to prevent evaporation.

It is best to replace gasoline with no additives every four months or so. Stabilized gas should be rotated every twelve to fourteen months.

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