Refinancing Your Car? Find the Best Auto Refinancing Companies and Car Loan Lenders

Learn about the process to refinance your car and top loan companies and providers.

About Auto Refinancing

Are you thinking about refinancing your car? Auto refinancing is one of the easiest and best ways to change up your car loan. The process allows you to select a loan from competitive lender offerings with a new interest rate and payoff term. The resulting monthly car payment can actually save you thousands of dollars a month over the life of your refinanced car loan when compared to your current loan.

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    Choosing an Auto Refinance Lender

    Choosing a lender can be one of the hardest things to do in the auto refinance process. There are many lenders all offering different loan options, interest rates, and terms. Here are a few of the best auto refinance lenders who standout from the rest and what you need to know about their lending platforms.


    Lender Type


    $100+ Avg Savings Per Month

    A+ BBB Rating

    4.0 Google Rating

    Online Marketplace

    Large Lender Network

    $399 Processing Fee

    APR Rate


    Caribou's featured rates are as low as 2.32% APR***. See the Caribou review for details.

    Credit Score


    Caribou works with people interested in refinancing who have various credit ratings including good ranges of 650 and higher.

    Caribou's Rating
    369 Trustpilot Reviews

    When Applying

    Pre-qualification available with no SSN required to see offers from multiple lenders.

    Auto Approve

    Lender Type


    A+ BBB Rating

    4.7 Google Rating

    Online Marketplace

    Serves All 50 States

    Fee Charged - Unspecified Amount

    Interest Rate


    Auto Approve's interest rates start at 2.25%***. See the Auto Approve review for details.

    Credit Score


    Auto Approve can help you refinance your car if you have a credit score of 580 or higher.

    Auto Approve's Rating
    2,638 Trustpilot Reviews

    When Applying

    Pre-approval available. No SSN to see offers. Cash back refinancing opportunities.


    Lender Type


    $150 Avg Savings

    A+ BBB Rating

    4.4 Google Rating

    Online Marketplace

    Serves All 50 States

    $395 Origination Fee

    Interest Rate


    RefiJet's interest rates start at 2.49%***. See the RefiJet review for details.

    Credit Score


    RefiJet provides auto refinancing for people with credit scores of 500 and up in the fair FICO credit ranges.

    When Applying

    No payments for the first two months. Pre-approval and cash out offered.


    Lender Type


    $96 Avg Savings

    A+ BBB Rating

    4.4 Google Rating

    Online Marketplace

    Rate estimation tools

    $395 Document Fee

    Interest Rate


    RateGenius states their refinance rates start at 2.99%***. See the RateGenius review for details.

    Credit Score


    RateGenius serves credit scores of 500 and higher. This falls into the fair FICO credit range bracket.

    RateGenius's Rating
    3,776 Trustpilot Reviews

    When Applying

    Full-service car refinance and re-titling platform with cash out options.


    Lender Type


    $96 Avg Savings

    4.7 Google Rating

    Online Marketplace

    Serves All 50 States

    $395 Origination Fee

    Interest Rate


    AUTOPAY's interest rates start at 1.99%***. See the AUTOPAY review for details.

    Credit Score


    AUTOPAY's car refinance services are gauged toward applicants with credit scores of 560 and higher.

    AUTOPAY's Rating
    11 Trustpilot Reviews

    When Applying

    Lease payoff and cash out refinance opportunities. Loan assistant guided process.

    Change Up Auto Lenders

    Did you know? You can refinance your car loan to change or swap your lender.

    Lower Your Loan's Interest Rate

    You may be able to lower your loan's interest rate depending on the refinance term.

    Adjust Your Payment Term

    Lengthen or shorten the term on your car loan depending on what works best for you.

    Overview of the Car Refinancing Process

    • 1.

      Deciding if Refinancing Your Car is Right for You

      Check to see if you really want to refinance your car, truck, or SUV. During this step, see how much you can save by using our auto refinance calculator.

    • 2.

      Choosing an Auto Refinance Lender

      This step involves selecting a lender to start your refinance journey. We can help you with this one. Our top lender picks and what you need to know are provided in the information below.

    • 3.

      Submitting Your Information for a Refinance Quote

      Once you have selected a lender, start the refinance process by submitting your information for a quote. You can do this easily using their online forms. Many lenders can give you a quote without doing a hard credit pull. These "hard" pulls are the ones which will usually impact your credit score as opposed to the initial "soft" pulls which do not.

    • 4.

      Selecting a Refinanced Loan Option

      Once your information is submitted, your refinance lender will show you loan options based on your credit score, personal information, and available interest rates. Many lenders have loan officers, agents, or representatives to walk you through this step and answer any related questions you have.

    • 5.

      Complete Any Application Details

      There may be additional details you need to complete. They may vary based on your vehicle, finances, or credit history. Work with your loan representative to fill in any additional details and information.

    • 6.

      Finalizing Your Paperwork

      You are only a few things away from your new loan at this point. You just need to finalize the paperwork and sign the documents. Many lenders allow you to e-sign the necessary forms making things quick and easy.

    • 7.

      Start Paying on Your Refinanced Auto Loan

      Did you make it this far? Great job if you did! Once everything is finalized, you are ready to make payments on your newly refinanced car loan. The lender should have provided the required details to start making your new car payments.

    • 8.

      Optional - Adding Additional Products like GAP Coverage

      You may want to consider adding additional products to your refinanced loan. This includes things like GAP coverage. GAP stands for "guaranteed asset protection". GAP can be paired with your comprehensive auto insurance coverage to help provide a buffer in catastrophic situations like if your vehicle is totaled, damaged beyond repair (total loss), or stolen. GAP may help to pay off the portion of your auto loan if it is not covered by insurance.

    Those are the basic steps you need to complete to refinance your vehicle. You can read more about these steps with our competitive auto refinancing guide. Each lender may have a few platform or process specific things to complete. Make use of the lender’s help desk and agents. Don’t hesitate to ask questions along the way.

    Refinance Your Car with the Best Lenders

    Refinance Your Car Loan with the Best

    Choosing one of these top-rated auto refinance marketplaces can give you peace of mind. We know auto lending and these top-rated lenders have decades of experience helping people like you. They have helped tens of thousands of customers save money on their car loans. The best auto refinance companies give you results.

    Trusted Experience

    Better Results

    Our Process

    Learn how we work to help you find better loan deals, rates, terms, and refinance offers.

    Refinance Process

    We outline the auto refinance process so you know what you expect.

    Research Auto Lenders

    We track down the premiere auto lenders and marketplaces.

    Outline Origination Fees

    We call out any origination fees so you don't have any surprises.

    Where to Apply

    Apply with the best auto refinance marketplaces which suit your needs.

    Answers to Questions

    Find answers to common refinance questions and concerns.

    Refinancing Results

    Get refinancing results from the best marketplaces in the industry.

    About Loan Origination Fees

    Many auto refinance lenders and marketplaces have origination fees. These are fees which are usually packaged into the refinance process and pay for the loan processing service as well as other administrative details and paperwork. Lending services are businesses and the origination fee is how they get paid. It makes it possible for them to help and better serve you. The result of refinancing often pays back this fee in the form of savings with lower interest rates or other progress towards your refinancing goals.

    If you plan on refinancing your vehicle, it is best to look for a lending marketplace which has good customer reviews, a transparent origination or application fee, and a large lender network. This will help you find the best refinance option. If a lender does not have a fee, they are still a business and still getting paid. Only now you don’t know exactly how or what amount they are paid.

    Refinance Fee Quick Facts

    • When it comes to origination fees, transparency is the best policy.
    • The industry average for refinance application fee is around $399.
    • When applying, make sure this fee is bundled into your total savings amount and not added on afterward (it usually is bundled with major lenders like Caribou and RateGenius).
    • You will still save money when you refinance your car, and the lenders and marketplace will still get paid.

    Auto Refinance FAQs

    Have questions about the best auto refinance companies and how you can find the right lender to refinance your car?

    Check out the information below for answers to frequently asked questions and common concerns.

    What is the best auto refinance company?

    There are many companies which provide auto refinancing services. The best company for you depends on which one will service your area, accept your credit score, and provide the loan offer you want.

    How much does auto refinancing cost?

    There is normally a loan application fee which is also called a loan origination fee. This fee normally costs around $399 and is charged for your loan handling and processing with lenders.

    What is a loan origination fee?

    A loan origination fee is usually a set amount charged for processing and finalizing your loan. It is paid to the lender or lending marketplace which completes the lending process.

    Is paying a loan origination fee worth it?

    Oftentimes yes, paying for a loan origination fee to refinance your car is worth it. This is because the savings you can gain from refinancing your car over the life of your loan is normally many times greater than the fee.

    What is a lending marketplace?

    A lending marketplace is a platform which provides different financial services, connects you to a wide lender network, and helps you compare rates and offers between lenders.

    Should I use a lending marketplace?

    A lending marketplace can be a great place to research loan offers. It can save you time and effort by allowing you to apply to many lenders automatically at the same time versus applying to each lender individually.

    What is a soft credit pull?

    A soft credit pull is an initial check to verify a borrower's qualifications during the early stages in the refinance process. This pull is performed using a borrower's personal information, including possibly their social security number or SSN, to verify they are eligible for a rate and term offer.

    When is a soft credit pull performed?

    A soft credit pull is usually performed during the pre-qualifying or pre-approval process. Soft credit pulls normally do not impact your credit score.

    What is a hard credit pull?

    A hard credit pull is a final check before a lender issues a new line of credit. This pull submits a borrower's information to credit reporting bureaus to double check the risk estimates associated to extending the credit.

    When is a hard credit pull performed?

    A hard credit pull is normally done during the loan offer finalization process. This pull signals that a new line of credit is being issued to the party which will affect their credit score.

    Is my SSN needed to refinance my car?

    Yes, you usually have to provide your SSN or social security number to finalize your refinanced loan.

    When is a SSN needed during refinancing?

    Lenders can use a borrower's social security number or SSN at several points in the refinancing process. This includes pre-approval, personal information verification, and loan finalization. If an SSN is not available or the borrower does not have one, lenders may be able to substitute other information.

    Calculate Refinance Savings

    Wondering how much you can save with the best auto refinance companies? Calculate your savings with the car refinance calculator.

    *** Interest rates and APRs based on individual marketplace applications using optimal credit scores, recent-year vehicles, and specific terms. Actual rates may differ. Check with individual marketplaces for information on how to access stated rate