Our Mission

We believe in helping people find the information they need to make informed, financial decisions. Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, refinance your car loan, learn about saving, we can give you some insight into your financial journey. Our content, calculators, and resources help you estimate savings ahead of time. Our industry and lender analysis help you make informed decisions.

Editorial Principles



Tevoz.com is committed to world-class, original opinions, reviews, and journalism.



We develop our content through product research, experience, and interviews.



Lender reviews are based on details including headline rates, ratings, and terms.



Financial services should be presented honestly to the best of our ability and knowledge.



Comparing financial and lender services helps to create insight, accountability, and trust.



Our guiding light is to help people find information to make informed choices.



We help estimate money saved and what results to potentially expect with our calculators.***



Our knowledge helps people build lives which are aligned with their financial goals.


We are committed to providing excellence sources of useful and practical information. This information is collected from various sources including marketplaces and the lenders and companies themselves. The integrity of presented information is analyzed at the source and fact checked whenever possible.

Certain content may be based upon and related to customer's experiences and reviews. In cases where conflicting viewpoints or differing product experiences arise, we strive to take an unbiased and objective stance.  We appreciate that everyone's financial situation is unique and steps of your financial journey.


We strive to build, support, and maintain the trust of our content and informative platform. To further this mission, we work with lenders, vendors, and affiliates to create honest and objective editorial reviews and product coverage. We do our best to swiftly and quickly resolve inaccuracies and discrepancies along with any incorrect information.

We will seek to sign and honor embargoes to provide timely and accurate information to our website visitors, platform users, and content readers. An embargo defines the timing of the related product coverage, not its scope, nature, or editorial perspective. Inquires can be submitted using our contact form using the "Trust and Confidence" topic selection.


We make strong efforts around establishing confidence. During projects and initiatives with a content or product review process, we give partners, affiliates, and other vendors the opportunity to address concerns as we discover them. The discovery presentation and discussion will be held remotely or physically when practical.

In the event physical products, materials, and documents are provided for evaluation, they shall not be distributed beyond the Tevoz Offices. If evaluation materials are to be returned, they will be returned within 90 business days. Other products on loan for testing and evaluation purposes which remain the property of the vendor and are returned within 90 days or earlier upon request.


Our team actively reviews lending institutions, lending offers, and financial products. While we have been active in the finance industry for many years, we are not financial experts and do not provide financial or lending advice or consultations. The purpose of our reviews is to highlight publicly available information and provide tips around financial goals for the purpose of informing and helping consumers make their own decisions.

We do not provide any lending services, financial consultations, or support for partners' products. Any actions taken by visitors after engaging with our content, platform, or website are done so of their own accord and volition. Tevoz editors select and review financial products and lenders objectively and independently. We may earn affiliate commissions from buying links, which help support our website, editorial content, and testing.

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